Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Postcards of Ipswich

I am thinking about how you can take bland, mass produced imagery and subvert the surface in a subtle but ,ultimately, destructive way.
Postcards of Ipswich with repositioned centres.

New Images of Ipswich

Postcards of Ipswich with all the dots from a page of stickers.

Work in MOMA collection

The Book about death show that has been in the Emily Harvey Foundation in New York has now moved to the Queens Art Museum, New York and also to the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. If any one is in the area to visit.
The show is about the idea of the unbound book, artists were invited to submit 500 postcards on the theme "about Death" and then visitors to the gallery could collect the set to make up an un-bound book.
One of the book sets has been purchased by the MOMA in New York for their permenant collection, which is very exciting.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Ipswich model.

High St. Annexe and Museum

St. Margarets Church and Bolton Lane.

Unknown Church Ipswich town centre.

Fore St.

Willis Building.

Corn Exchange (missing).
Mobile phone photographs.
These photographs are of a set of 3D models of Ipswich circa 1960. I have been obsessed with maps and plans for a very long time and how they can be used to trace your place within society, both literally and metaphorically. I hope to use these photos as part of my on going interest in recording the places that I live, have lived and wish to live.

Drawings from High St Art School.

We have been working up at the old High St Annexe and found these fantastic scale models of Ipswich town centre circa 1960, these are some drawings of these beautiful models.
Felt Tip on paper.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

New work - Postcards and collage

These are some new images I have been working with, looking at found postcards and manipulating them by college and cutting. I am thinking about how to interfere with the surface of the image, whilst maintaining its integrity as a 2 dimensional object.