Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Paris Correspondence School

I am very excited by the idea of this show, I am sending postcards of Felixstowe Port Terminal and H.R.H. Princess Diana to Paris, as I feel that the French capitals art scene will benefit from both these images.
I really like the 'old-fashioned' idea of the postal service, precious artworks that can be man-handled and put through archaic machinery, then sent to somewhere that you only know through letters and numbers on a page. The postcard is delivered, hopefully, to its correct destination in Paris a few days later.
The idea that you can look up the address on a map so you understand where your postcard will end up; that I will not experience that same journey is fascinating to me.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Fluxface in Space with NASA

Major William A.Anders, USAF, Apollo 8 Mission.
Found Imagery and stickers.

These are a selection of new works that I have created for an exhibition in USA . You were asked to submit images to do with space, be it travel, exploration, planets or what ever you wanted it to be. I decided to work with found imagery of the Apollo 8 space programme, embellished with silver, gold, black and white glittery stickers, so it looked sci-fi and space like !
As part of the exhibition I was asked to take a photo of me holding my image, I decided to become a subtle part of the art work.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

New Ideas

I have recently co-opted my sister into helping me with my postcards. She goes out for half an hour a day, from her busy job, and buys my postcards and stickers for me. She does all of this following my texted instructions, what to purchase, how much to spend. She then posts all the new images to me so I can then work on them. I then re-post the completed images to her so we close the circle. My sister lives over 100 miles from me.
My sister is not an artist, so this is a test for both of us.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Queen Elizabeths I & II

Here are the companion pieces for Prince Charles and D.I.A.N.A postcards. You can see more of this work at the show 'Paris correspondence school' in and around Paris in August. you can also see the work on my website.

The postcards designed by participating artists will be used as interventions around Paris during August whilst all artists and curators involved will write to each other using the postcards as well as alter them and re-send them on etc.

The postcards will then be exhibited in London in September in association with Minnie Weisz and in Birmingham in December at TROVE.