Friday, 29 January 2010

50 members of the JFK Funeral cortege.
Felt-tip and photocopy.

50 numbered members of the JFK Funeral cortege.
Numbered stickers, green stickers and photocopy.

I have recently been thinking about order in my art, the idea of placing a structure over a seemingly random event.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New Website

I have a new website with new work added. Please take a look

Friday, 15 January 2010

San Francisco earthquake 1906 , with colour.

Postcard wiht rectangular day-glo stickers.

Postcard with day-glo circular stickers, the amount of stickers on the work is the amount of stickers that are on a single sheet, so the decision when to stop putting on stickers is decided by the manufacturer.

Postcard with gloss circular stickers.

Postcard with circular dotty stickers

San Francisco earthquake 1906

Postcard with re-positioned cut-outs.

Postcard with repositioned cut-outs.

Postcard with repositioned cut-out and gloss stickers.

Postcard with Gloss stickers.

Postcard with Gloss stickers, as above.

Postcard with cut-out holes (removed).

Monday, 4 January 2010

Sketchbook for Atlanta Art House Co-op show in Brooklyn, New York.

Selected pages from a sketchbook project for the Art House Co-op.
I set myself rules on how to make the work, a circle cut-out of a member of the Kennedy Family, a sticker in the shape of a star, silver tape and interlinking lines. Details of the project can be found here

Work for "A book about death" exhibition at Musea Brasileiro da Esculture (MuBE) , Sao Paulo,


This work can be found here

New work for Trove

Trove christmas card
Postcard and gold stickers

JFK's Coffin is brought back to the White House at 3 AM
Photocopy, stickers and silver tape.

More details on the show can be found here