Sunday, 27 March 2011

Charles and Di Footstool at Justines

Justines Charles and Diana Footstool

I am, as some might know, intriqued, obsessed , interested in the idea of Princess Diana. This footstool is a double whammy for me. The first is a dreadfully rendered image of the dynamic duo done in gold on faux morrocan leather . The second is that why would you buy something that would have been expensive in the first place of your icons and then rest you feet on them? You would have to make sure you had your slippers on so as not too soil their image. You would have to have a very odd outlook of your heros , you would venerate them in a peculiar way. This is one of the best things I have seen.
I have to thank my friend Justine who found this gem at a car boot sale recently. I am in awe of her shopping ability. I feel the need to make a drawing of this image, in silverpoint I think. I think I will include the sublime carpet as well.

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