Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Asleep, dead or breathing?

I have recently been working on a myriad of ideas, I seem to get more eclectic as time goes on, or is it that I now consider more things to be worthy of the title of 'art'. I have been collecting images of JFK and placing these in difficult places. My friend found an image of JFK sleeping on Airforce 1's floor. I am reminded of Tim Hetherington's photographs of sleeping soldiers. You ask the question about sleeping like the dead, are they dead or just sleeping? Does your knowledge of JFK's assassination or the more recent history of Afghanistan make you question this sleep versus dead theory ? Or do we care ? Do we need to imagine them breathing? Their chests rising and falling?
I want to look at the idea of creating works that have removed the original function, taking away the idea of the original photograph as a tool of mass communication and making it, by intervention in some way, into art or the idea of art.
I also want to look at making 3D ideas.

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