Saturday, 13 November 2010

Tape,tornados and Tory-blue stitches

I think my friends are jinxed.
This week my sister returned to where her car was parked and discovered it was all taped off with crime scene tape, she thought the worst, however it turned out a tree had fallen on the main power cable into town. So the police, the fire brigade, the electricity board and the council where all looking at it and all she wanted was to get home to her friday pizza tea. They eventually let her move her car, the tree got moved this morning after consultation with all of the above and the land owner ! Pfaff.
My friend H was having a haircut at her friends, a mini-tornado struck, the green house lifted off, they rushed out to rescue it, a concrete tile flew off the roof and hit H on the head she got rushed to hospital and now has 6 Tory-Blue stitches in her head, then she came in to teach drawing, hard-core. I relayed this story to my sister who suggested H wears a crash helmet and to disguise its rather ungainly lines by sticking on a moose, a birds-nest and some eggs ! I have no idea where she gets her ideas from.
I now can't even talk to my other friends just in case.

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