Thursday, 16 September 2010


Silver is great, it is shiny and dull and mirrored and subtle and kitsch and has inherent stories woven around it. I love the way that all silvers are different, some are almost golden, some are pewter like, some are grey, some look leaden, there are a myriad, a plethora of possibilities. Some silver is heavy, dense and weighty, it can be fragile and feather-like, woven into shimmering fabrics, it can be sturdy and strong, it can be made into the most delicate of jewelry.
Silver is seen as somehow lesser in the hierarchical precious metal charts. I am always looking to support the underdog, to champion the lesser cause. So by using silver I feel I am somehow doing that, pushing it to the cusp of beauty, teetering on the edge of greatness.
All-over silverness is mirror-like, reflecting the viewer in a distorted plane, so it its hard to see who is looking and at what.

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