Friday, 17 September 2010

Tableau Tales

A bit like the Canterbury Tales, but not.
All of this week we have been recreating a variety of images, using nothing more than cardboard, sheeting, gaffer tape, pins, paint and a selection of charity shop finds. The results are nothing short of miraculous, they are exciting, interesting, innovative and very silly.
The participants, who only met each other 3 days ago have bonded over some poster paint, some very odd costume choices and a lot of laughs.
So today I have seen; a cross dressing Samson and Delila, a floating head Medusa, some very odd use of dark brown tights, The Charge of the Light Brigade in white leggings and martingales, a very cute Snow White (thanks A.P.), a lot of yellow body paint and some very brief red speedo's.
A great day overall. Thanks everyone.

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