Saturday, 18 December 2010

Au + Ag , Show at Trove, Birmingham

The show at Trove has just opened, it was so exciting. I went up on the Thursday for the opening, it was the coldest night I have ever experienced, it was -7 degrees, but this didn't deter the art viewing public of Birmingham. I was really happy with how the glitter on the floor worked, people walking through it and then walking it across the gallery, one of Justine's old friends footprints are a great memory of where he walked.
I am obsessing about the idea of the trace, a memory of where you've been, that has a physical reminder in place. There was glitter tracked out to Newhall Square and beyond. I would love to have covered the gallery floor completely, but that would require big sponsorship.
The glitter took on a life of its own, it behaved like a liquid under your feet, almost like a safe version of mercury.
I thought the candle lit framed images where representational of family portraits on a sideboard or pianoforte, very Victorian.

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