Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Royal Family and Sequins.

Here are 2 new Images for the show Au + Ag at Trove, Birmingham, with Justine Moss. I am very interested in interfering with the surface of imagery, these are just 2 examples of this idea. They are found postcards (my friend Annabel Dover found them, thanks Annabel !) with silver sequins on the cards and then another layer of sequins on the glass, the sequins are deliberately miss-placed, off-centre in the second layer. I have always liked the heightened/altered/adulterated colours of postcards, the 1970's is a particularly rich source of inspiration and colouring. I have put them in some of the cheapest frames I could find, the dodgy chrome-look really appeals to me. The idea that traditionally, images of Royalty are painted in oils and in Baroque hand-carved and hand-gilded frames and I am re-inventing, to a certain extent, these ideas.
I have made a few of these and reckon I have stuck on a couple of 1000 sequins, the smell of glue pervades my studio now.

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