Saturday, 8 January 2011

Satsuma, Clementine and Tangerine

Why are satsumas so awkward to find ?
They appear briefly over the Christmas period, and then disappear. No other citrus fruit is so seasonal, you can still buy Clementines, Tangerines, but you dare to try to find a Satsuma after 12th night. It's harder to find than the Argos Christmas adverts where to avoid. I feel that the humble satsumas are the only truely "seasonal" thing about the season of goodwill. Well as I've started on this , those bags of mixed nuts do redistribute themselves back to the cake baking isle by mid January from their prominent front of house, beyond the proscenium arch, placing at the front of the 'store' ( thats a shop to you and me). And those oversized pumpkins that appear in Ocotober for our newest festival of Halloween, or as we have to now call it trick or treat or drive by in day-glo orange , whats that all about ?
I now think the title of this section is like a Dulux paint colour chart listing from 1968, all it needs is Chocolate, Avocado and Parma Violet and the whole food/colour combination thing is complete.

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