Friday, 4 February 2011

Brogues, daydreams and wish fulfillment.

This day is now over, thank goodness. I am wondering what it is all about, why do we think at all ?

I am still hankering after a few things though, boys in Brogues ( I do like a proper shoe), sea-gazing, the wishing for more people to write to ( I am a postcard sending obsessive) and a desire for the idea to descend easily. I am not sure what I mean by any of these statements, if you could help out I would be immensely grateful. After my day the smallest crumb (preferably one from a custard cream) of comfort would be gratefully recieved.

I now need to explore the idea of dreaming, I feel I don't do enough of that. Day dreams are blissful if done right.

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