Thursday, 24 February 2011

Deserts, Portugal, Elvis, JFK and others.

I have been thinking about travel recently, I normally get through to April before my itchy feet set in. Though the phenomenon has set in early this year. Its not the sort of yearning that means I have to travel just that deep-seated longing that makes my life a bit unhappy, that constant niggle in the background that something is not quite right.
I have a friend who lives in Portugal and she describes a particularly feeling that, they have as a nation, that is like homesickness but even more intense and only the Portugese have the ability to feel this. I think I have the opposite of this, I am homesick for other peoples nations. I feel that I am that particular type of English person who feels more at home in the Deserts, wether they are hot or cold, but on a personal level I prefer the heat.
I also hanker to travel to places I cannot go, I want to go and see Blondie in the 1980's in New York, I want to attend JFK's funeral, I want to see Elvis in Las Vegas sing Suspicious Minds and many, many more. I know that I cannot do these things apart from through film, photographs, first hand accounts and then in my imagination.
So I am now using my imagination.

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