Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Windows, Elvis and World-tours.

After flapping around for about 8 years I now have a new front door and some new windows. They are lovely, no holes, no rotten wood and no gaps. They were very efficiently fitted by a rockabilly musician and his mate, great chats about music and collecting Gibson guitars whilst the wind whistled through the house. No whistling wind now though. I am luxuriating in the silence and thinking about Elvis, triangles, glitter, the postcard, JFK, sequins, dayglo, foil and rather oddly seedy British seaside resorts ( I know that the list is odd, but in my head seaside resorts are the odd one out). I might have to go on a tour. Then I could have t-shirts and merchandise printed up, or a grand-tour-like idea, on the train to Venice stopping in Rome, Milan and the Amalfi coast, I digress.
I think I need to travel soon.

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