Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Eclectic Southern California

I have been having a very nice holiday, this last week or so. I have been making loads of new work, I am trying to branch out onto wider plains of thinking. Just as the whole world goes Royal family wedding mad, I have decided to move on from these images and use more eclectically sourced ideas. I am even thinking of becoming more involved with the physicality of the works, but that could just be the sun going to my head. I am still dreaming of residing in Southern California, images of a David Hockney-esque life swim invitingly through my vision. I think, like with many things in life, this will have to remain in the realm of daydream/fantasy, to be saved to while away a rainy day in October. On the other hand I might just apply to study at Cal Arts and make even more work based on dead American icons. One can only ahve hopes and dreams.
I am planning the escape as I type.

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