Friday, 15 April 2011

The Wilton Diptych and pseudo-nimbus affects

I went to the National Gallery yesterday to look at The Wilton Diptych again. It is one of my favorite paintings, I really like the representation of the White Hart, how Edward makes himself appear to be awed by the wonder of the Christ child, whilst all the time stamping his emblem over the whole image. I like the over sized wings on the angels in their blue outfits and the overlapping nimbus halos they all have.
Because of this I wanted to make some new work, I thought about how to update these ideas using stickers of todays Royal family, overlaying these with drawings to represent their complexities and frailties and using hi-vis reflective tape to describe a contemporary nimbus-like effect. I have photographed the imagery using the flash to disguise the imagery and to further describe the radiant glow of their supposed saintly-ness.
I do feel I need to move on in my work ideas, so I am now looking more at psuedo-royalty.

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