Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding Transportation.

Having tried my best to avoid the Royal Nuptials yesterday, I fell into the very end of it. What really intriqued me was the transportation options available to those going to the palace. Open top coaches with a bobbing bride and saluting groom; the one which was like the kids table at Christmas parties (will Harry ever graduate from that table ?); The Queen giving Prince Philip a shove to heave him into the Scottish coach, no tartan or tam-o-shanters as far as I could see; the new parents-in-law all squashed in one, not knowing quite what to say; then the fleet of mini-buses how un-romantic, lacking in pomp and circumstance can you get and to top it off, an open top sports car.
I really need to move on from the Royal family, I am thinking about other versions of Royality, dynastic clans that felt they ruled, individuals who never heard the word no, that sort of thing.

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