Saturday, 21 August 2010

5th set of cards for co-parisian artists

These are the 5th set of postcards for my co-artists in the Paris Correspondence school. I have used a selection of original cards sourced from Felixstowe, Paris, Blackpool and Ipswich.

The Blackpool and Paris postcards where a gift from a friend of mine, Annabel D, who has traveled a lot more than me this year. When ever a friend goes away I ask them to bring me some postcards back for me to work with. I really like the idea of involving others in my work, my sister does a lot of work for me, working within the rules I set her. The removal of the hand of the artist is something that has always interested me.

The cards of Felixstowe required a day trip to the tourist office, a walk on the promenade and an ice-cream.

The Ipswich cards only required a trip to the tourist office and a cup of coffee.

As the project has developed I have really enjoyed the conversations and discussions that have developed between us.

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