Monday, 30 August 2010

Bank holiday monday

As its Bank Holiday Monday, we have been out to the, oh so, English seaside. People eating ice cream and swimming in the brown murky waters of the North sea. This trip has inpsired me to make some new work based on Princess Diana (of course) on holiday, in my head she is floating out of the house in the clouds in Suffolk and maybe going to meet Dodi. I can also see her as a ginormous inflatable head tethered to the life boat station in Aldeburgh, guiding shipping into Felixstowe, or maybe that's just me.
And just now I have acted as the photographers assistant for my partner, but of course this all has to take place in the front garden, with the sunshine, neighbours, cyclists, gale force winds and dog walkers all having a good gawp. The images are of glamorous day-glo Victorian gentlemen for the Inky Goodness show in Brick Lane next week.

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