Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Dissapearing D.I.A.N.A's

I have posted 9 D.I.A.N.A images to Charlie Levine in Paris over 10 days ago and not one of them has arrived.
I am very worried that somewhere in a sorting office en-route from here to Paris there are 9 images watching the postal service do their day-to-day work, I hope that they are apprieciated OR like with the D.I.A.N.A sent from New York they are all in the hands of some security service, I just don't know. Is there some sort of obscure law that says you can't post images of Diana? If so, why sell postcards of her in the first place.
It is odd that the Queen postcards have arrived unmolested but D.I.A.N.A is obviously shy of the postal service, or maybe she doesn't want to return to Paris.

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Alex said...

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