Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Postcards from the Paris Correspondence School Artists

These are the 4 postcards I have received so far,
Top left; Martyn Cross
Top right; no name but the postmark says east London
Bottom left; Anna Francis
Bottom right; Tom Butler

This is what they say on the backs:

No.1, Top right,
Send on to Charlie to reassemble with the following message (Imagine you are Frank E.) [speech bubble]

No.2, Bottom right,
There was once a girl called vicky
who, one morning, felt a bit sicky.
"snake bite, you see,
does not agree with me,
I'm off for a chocolate biccie"
Tom Butler

No.3, Top left,
Hello Vicky,
Went to the quarry today and chipped a bit of celestine for you. Then I'll take you back a stick of rock !
and Martyn Cross
Text translated by Google translate. English-French-English

No.4, Bottom left,
Dear Vicky,
Postcards sent from exotic places like Bournemouth or Margate, those Love Anna

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