Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The deep south

I have been thinking about the Deep South recently. I am strongly influenced by my surroundings and, at the moment, these surroundings are representational of the deep south of the USA. It is hot, humid and a bit fetid. I keep imaging white anti-bellum mansions with wrap around porches approached by avenues of oaks with hanging moss. I have visited Savannah and I can see and feel the humidity still. I spend my days in a studio with very little air, lots of glass and as the day slips into evening the glass heats up and the studio gets warmer and warmer and more and more airless. This means I have to go to the pub a lot at the end of the day to quench my thirst, but mainly on lager and not bourbon on the rocks, maybe I should drink the latter more to recreate the south.

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