Friday, 22 October 2010

Sat-nav and silver on the moon

I have been writing on my other account about this internal sat-nav that I have. It is supposed to guide me through life and tell me when I have taken a wrong turning, tell me when to do a U-turn, all of those things that are a map to your journey. Mine is annoyingly, at the moment, getting it wrong. I am stuck up a blind alley with a cold and have no memory of how I got here and how to get out. It also seems to have got stuck on a weather girl voice over loop, permanently chirpy and smiley in the face of tornadoes.
I have just seen on ITV news that for technical reasons they can't do the weather today, that's because the weather-girl is running around in my head shouting out incomprehensible instructions to my cotton-wool stuffed head. I will try to get her out for the evening news.

And they have discovered silver on the moon, how timely is that.

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