Saturday, 2 October 2010

wi-fi connections and my sister

My sister just phoned me up to declare that the magic wi-fi fairies had been in over night and her friend S had picked up this magic network on her phone. My sister was astounded that this modern technology had landed on the village that she currently resides in. I should say that the magic of telephonic communication and gas have only just arrived there. Anyway I digress, she was so excited that she had to phone my partner, who is on hand for 24 hour technical support, to gabble excitedly about this wonder; he had to deflate her somewhat by explaining there are no magic wi-fi fairies or pixies and infact he had installed it last time he visited. Her bubble was slightly burst but she parried well and asked if her friend S could be a PA in their new venture, as long as my sister had a longer job title in said new venture. I think some semblance of ,dare I say, normality, or at least a balance has returned to my sister, the village, S and above all to the magic wi-fi fairies.

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