Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Meetings and Museums and Taxidermy

I have spent today in meetings and museums, I have to say the latter was much more exciting. The museum here is one of the very few Victorian museums left. It is slightly dusty and the exhibits in the cases of the taxidermy animals and birds are brilliant. I always like the cases full of hummingbirds and parrots, the slightly squint eyed look that follows you round the room.
I have a particular passion for the more macabre exhibits, the snouts from the Swordfish, the seal where the stuffing is coming out, the Sea-eagle that is attacking a nest of chicks, the mummified cat that looks really surprised, the cagoul made of seal skin, the full knitted body suit from Africa, I could go on for hours !
I think museums and their contents are under-rated and we should celebrate their quirkiness. I love drawing in them, always seeing something new on return visits, looking and re-looking.

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